Nancy: How’s Joe?

Frank: He’s great. He says hi. Oh also he wanted me to tell you something, hang on I had him write it down because it was too weird to remember… There we go, ‘Dear Nancy Drew’, he used your last name for some reason. ‘I am glad that you and Ned are back together. You go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you’re apart, it’s like peanut butter and sadness. Or jelly and uncomfortable silences. Either way, you’re looking at a sandwich that no one wants, and probably no one wants to buy it ever.’

Nancy: That sounds very much like Joe.

Frank: Oh you wish that was the end of the note. It goes on: ‘A world where Ned and Nancy are not together is as disturbing as it is dangerous to the quantum makeup of our interstellar plant of reality-’ You know what, I’m just going to stop reading there.

Nancy: That’s okay. I think I get the picture. It’s really sweet that he cares so much…

— Nancy Drew #24 The Captive Curse

My ‘Frank x Nancy’ heart is broken :(

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